Elleebana Lash Lift training goes beyond the basics of lash lifting. Our course format starts with the meaning of Elleebana and the brands commitment to excellency.

Next, who is part of the Elleebana family? Here is more information on the masterminds behind the scenes of Elleebana. 

Meet your trainer. I like to do a little introduction so that stylist can learn a little more about myself before we dive into the good stuff.

We then go into the Theory part of class. Here you will learn about Elleebana's lash lift treatment and the outcomes of the treatment. As well as the sequence and factors that may restrict the treatment. 

Part of our theory includes eye shapes, rod/ shield choices, product timing for each individual lash texture and strength. Before we go into the live demonstration we have an open book exam to help with knowledge retention.

Demonstration. Your trainer will carefully deliver each step that impacts the result of  a lash lift while performing on their model. The live demonstration is so important for the stylist to see the process before they have the opportunity to practice on their models. 

We will then take a break for lunch before our stylist models arrive!

Each stylist will have the opportunity to work on two models. Stylist will consult with their clients by having them fill out the indemnity forms, going over contraindications, patch testing and suitability for treatment.

Let the lifting begin. Once, the consultation of the stylist model(s) is complete, stylist will perform their practice lash lift(s) with the guidance of their trainer for support and any additional tips that are relevant to providing the best lift.

At the end of class, a recap on material, challenges and learning from the session will conspire. Your trainer will also share how to submit case studies to complete the certification. Not least but last, we will discuss photo opportunities and social media/promoting. 

Continued support. As an attendee of the Elleebana Lash lift training your support never expires. As a trainer and as a brand we whole heartedly want to support our Alumni and are always available and to assist with questions.


Elleebana Lash Lift Training

Courses offered on this site are with Certified Elleebana Trainer and Licensed Esthetician Chelsey Guccione. For more information feel free to email Chelsey below.